Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What have I scored? - 2

I strongly feel that we have been diverted from the very aspect of education. Marks are supposed to rate our performance against others of the same set, believing it to scale the intellect gained. But, where has it gone? Is that motive still alive? I am afraid for it is not! I remember one of my guides, Dr. S. Madhu, who used to say "Thousands get an engineering degree when ten engineers are really born!"

We are no more in search of knowledge or acumen, rather than the surface level transformations to score! Yes... It is just a superficial action to memorize something, recite it and pour it on to a paper. The soul idea of learning that is lost! I even doubt myself if I'm against this attitude just because I couldn't do it!? But, I am sure that this has to be opposed. And, focused back to where it has to be. It is the evolution of the biological system that has made the current system out-moded! Man has found ways to cheat the scale! I don't mean the toppers are not deserved of that. Definitely not. But, the game is no more fair!

The basic rule of competition should be a common stand and equal provision of resources. Our pride in diversity is doubtful when we realize that our villages are far from towns, and towns are far from cities. It is no wrong. The funniest part is the effort by the state government to remove TNPCEE, providing equal space for pupils from villages, so that every one can become nothing but a 'TAPE RECORDER'! The State government has weak (rather, no!) policies to strengthen the work output of teachers in government schools (may be because they were afraid of losing votes, one of the main factors that helped them against JJ!). Nevertheless, a few teachers in villages and government schools have started working harder but have failed to produce students.

By virtue, the colleges do not go good for 'Tape recorders' initially. Slowly, tape recorders become adaptive in recording the whole of engineering!

And now, I have found why my guides words were true. When they come out of an engineering college, they are not ready for the real scenario. They have harnessed their view to the books and specifically the text, not the idea!

To be continued...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

What have I scored?

For quite sometime, I had this eating up my thoughts. Something was mistaken. Something was misinterpreted. Something lost the track of what it was supposed to be! It is not weird if it reminds you of something else other than what I am going to write about, as everything becomes that 'something' which is prone to misinterpretation by virtue of the limits of intellect of the respondent, most of the time. ;)

It is quite normal for a father - who has dreamt so much about winning life and has eventually failed in doing so, to say his son, "You should top your class dear. It is the humble dream of your father!"

I remember the words from my mother who always had a sad opinion about most of my relatives. She felt like I was the only choice for her to depend on, in regaining the lost honor of my ancestors - technically it was 99% my father! Sorry, if that sounds ridiculous when I say, 'He feels himself to have failed in making it!'

She would say, "Vikash, உங்க அப்பா வாழ்க்கை- தொத்து போனத நீ தான் சரி செய்ய முடியும். நம்ம எல்லாம் middle class people. நமக்கு படிப்பு தான் வாழ்க்கை. படிச்சா தான் நல்ல நிலைமைக்கு வர முடியும்...!"

And all that she can tell, to make me "Yes Raghu... You have to do it!" But, Gosh... How long would it stand? At certain point of time, I realized that I had my own deficiency (which I would really never accept, except for writing this article) in remembering what I have learned. I had a poor memory structure. My vision was my source of learning. If I couldn't visualize it, then I will soon forget that! I mean very soon... Definitely before putting that on my answer sheets, at least! ;)

I had developed some sort of guilt even, when I feared that I am not going to make it, with my schooling at Ramanathapuram. Anyone who knows about Abdul Kalam would say, "He could make it from here. Then, why can't you?" I have only one thing in return. "May be, APJ should have tried it now!"

When I was a kid in LKG, I would watch my sister reciting multiplication tables during the recital hour in her class. I fascinated the day, when I would get the chance to do that. I got it. Trust me, it was the worst dream ever. I cried when I got the chance, as I couldn't withstand the pain in my knuckles which had become red, on hitting at it every time I made a mistake. It was the cruel babysitter (Aaayama!) who delivered all her wrath on her drunkard husband on my knuckles taking chances of my memory, then.

To be continued...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Personality Profile

There is something interesting that I wanted to post. I guess you people might be interested in this.

I am not sure if you all are in facebook. But, I got this application from there.

Guess, this link might be useful to take your test. Try it, atleast that it is interesting!

Personality Profile
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