Monday, July 23, 2007

More on complex....!

The imaginary part governs the specificity of a point, what does the magnitude of the imaginary part stresses is still profound.

I understand complex number a lot better when i understand the 'time'! It has a silent but versatile rule over the real part or 'space'. Our presence in the real system is true but has an impact due to time which is not felt as a space.

When i explained that, i find something new striking hard. Time is actually not something that we believe as space - that is, the way you count space should not be adopted to count time. It has a different behaviour rather than just a number that we believe in the space coordinates. This difference is something imparted by the 'i'!

About the ith part of a complex number

I have got an explantion for the complex behaviour. When a function in n dimensions, behaves in morethan n dimensions it occupies the imaginary space. For example, when a two dimensional system in x and y behaves in more than two dimensions, it takes the complex imaginary plane.
Again, in the case of a space time distribution, time occupies an imaginary axis. The effect of time on space is super imposed. Even when it has no notable impact except for the specificity of that point. If we consider space in n dimension, then n+1th dimension is defined by the time involved. However, the time scale may not be confined to have born from a single dimension. There is every possibility of time to behave as multi dimensional.

Also, the presence of a point, becomes a line in the complex plane - this is how i understand the super position of i on the real part.
A number 0.0000001 will become 1, if we collapse the time and a little bit of selective amnesia.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Best of my weird ideas...

I am suffering from a psychological disorder. I feel like the whole world is different when you view and it's different in my view. If you see 'blue', it would be 'red' for me. But i would believe it to be 'blue'. Similarily, What you call as curve is probably linear to me! If i touch a sphere, it gives me a feeling of sphere. But, it would be a square for you - a square with a radius! You can realise that to be a square only if you see through my senses! Hmmm.... I have a profound feeling as the world what i see is not real! It's just my belief - deceptive! An enormous illusion. Any one interested in a chat can catch me at!

Let you people know me....

I am Raghuvaran Ganesan, an under graduate student of chemical and electrochemical engineering. But, I am interested more in science than engineering. Love mathematics too. An idle mind is the devil's workshop. Mine too is such a one! Whenever idle, i end up with weird ideas and freaks. So, thought of posting it! Here it goes!