Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What have I scored? - 3

It is almost six months, since I last wrote this blog. Sounds like I'm being too lazy or light hearted about this. But, the fact is this - I have lost track of what I was writing about...!

I was trying to tell the present scenario as how our education system goes. Then, there came a comment. It said something like, "It is possible for everyone to comment on our education system and dream something out of the vast expanse of this universe. But, it lies in your solution to the problem. How you solve it!?" I was dumbstruck. Of course, he has said that I was one other Jack who just cries the problem instead of the solution. I didnot want to be an opposition party leader - pointing out things and just trusting my spirits to change things when I would get to the hot seat; also, knew that I was insufficient (as far as now) to be the governing leader too! Atleast I'm happy that I'm not made an advertisement to Nobel Prize... :D

I decided. 'I will start writing the blog only when i find the solution!'

Well... What does this mean, when I have started writing this blog. Have I found a solution? Yes... Some sort of...! :D

It took almost 175 days to conclude on what to write and how to complete. Though the fact about engineering described in previous blogs are true, it is inevitable that we are doing great! Years before, my father had once told me that he had read somewhere that Indian Education System was far better than many other parts of the world. Now, I do understand that he was right!

The education system has its play but not as much to neglect the focus and interests of the kid. Wait a minute... Did I ever say that the structure is wrong? To be specific, the way we are motivated and trained to look at our books... That's were I had those hard feelings! Owing to some viscious mind set that we have developed over the years, our focus on education seems to have struck with the materialistic side. Like we do some Pooja to God with more inclination to procedure than to God Himself...!
What is there in doing Pooja without a focus to God? So feasible, a question. But, on the other hand, it really has some effect. We do something always better of an engineer than many others in this world.

A bad blog, but will catch you afresh, on the continuation - part 4. Trust me, this will be the final.


Omkumar said...

Waiting for the next post da. You are similar to Rantchod in "3 idiots". Cross questioning the profs and complaining about the educational system. At last the chotu transformed into "Phungsu Wangdu" the scientist with 400 patents and wanted by the Japanese.

Meet you in such a situation..Free advice "Jahaa Paanna tui great ho"

raghuvaran said...
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raghuvaran said...

Thanks for your high hopes! Hmmm... Theriyala...! May be or maynot be...! But, I can tell this...

That idiot ranchod is just another commoner...! Not as big as you have portrayed, machi... In a way or other, everyone is a hero by themselves...! Will wait to see you become an entrepreneur, someday... Cheers...! All the best!